Assistive Technology

AT is any tool that allows an individual with a disability to use their own unique skills to reach their goals. Assistive Technology equipment ranges from lite tech to high tech, hardware and software used to increase an individual's ability to participate in school, employment, recreation, self-care, or social activity. Believe Ability, Inc. offers the following AT services:

  • Comprehensive assessments or screenings including, hands-on experience with various pieces of assistive technology equipment
  • Training and consulting in the use of the equipment with the individual and any other support person such as the family or caregiver, teacher or school staff
  • In-service presentations on specific aspects of Assistive Technology intervention or equipment for parent and professional groups, schools and school districts, teachers or advocacy groups
  • Technical troubleshooting for complex hardware or software
  • Evaluation and set-up of mounting systems
  • Ergonomic consultations

We have an inventory of 100's of technology devices for use during assessments, trainings / therapy sessions, and short term loans to our clients. Assistive Technology equipment in our inventory ranges from alternative ways to physically access a computer (switches, different keyboards, and mice) and software for people with learning disabilities, to high tech communication (AAC) devices for individuals who require a specialized computer to communicate.

Speech Therapy

Believe Ability, Inc. can provide Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) speech therapy services or referrals. AAC is a method or device to aid a person's ability to communicate. AAC equipment ranges from no tech/lite tech to high tech. High tech AAC devices look like laptop computers. Generally they work by displaying the symbols a person selects (by touching, typing, or by scanning with a switch) and then speaking with pre-recorded or a computer generated voice. Our Speech Therapy services can include:

  • AAC assessments , training , programming and technical troubleshooting of a device
  • Consultation and training with other professionals in the client’s therapeutic or educational team
  • Hands-on trials with a wide inventory of communication devices
Occupational Therapy

OT treatment provides people with disabilities of all ages, skills for the job of living. Pediatric occupational therapists help children to participate to the fullest extent possible in play, learning and school performance, self-care, and social interactions. During a child’s time with an occupational therapist they are most often engaged in fun, playful activities, targeted at addressing specific areas of weakness and developing skills. Believe Ability, Inc. can provide the following services and / or referrals:

  • Occupational Therapy assessments or screenings , to evaluate fine motor skills, visual motor and visual perception, handwriting, sensory processing, oral motor and feeding skills, motor planning, and self-help skills
  • Direct treatment with individual children or in a small group setting
  • Consultation and educational training with parents, school staff and other professionals